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Ginkgo - All your data in one


Use Appsheet to build custom apps that enrich your team's data collection and management.
Ginkgo - Get a Birds eye view


Access thousands of apps to build automations with using Ginkgo for Zaps.
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Google Workspace

Add Ginkgo's GIS to your productivity tools, such as calendars, worksheets and data studio reports.
Ginkgo - All your data in one

COGnito Forms

Build custom intake forms that use Ginkgo to geolocate submissions based on addresses.
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Connect Wordpress sites to your Ginkgo database to save time on tedious content management work.
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Sync Ginkgo with Salesforce to add geospatial analysis and interactive maps to your CRM records.
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Google sheets

Connect Ginkgo to Google Sheets to supercharge your spreadsheet work for records on the map.
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Google Data Studio

Work with your Ginkgo datasets in Data Studio to build custom reports and dashboard.
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Connect Squarespace sites to your Ginkgo database. Save time on tedious content management.
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Add the full suite of features from Smartsheet to bring more flexibility into your Ginkgo database.
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Go further with your data visualization capabilities by working with your Ginkgo datasets in Tableau.
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Google Maps

Sync your Ginkgo records with any of your Google Maps products to build custom map experiences.
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We made access to people and information in your community effortless. Join communities you are a member of or interested in becoming a part of.

make impactful connections

Work with your community through a directory of the people who have your passion for the neighborhood.

post your free business or event page

We automated every workflow. One click on your end updates your listing on your community’s website.

the inside scoop on THE real estate market

Access exclusive maps and data sources only available to members of the community

A direct line to your community.

Each neighborhood is equipped with its very own portal for membership management, sharing maps & data, and accessing key players in the community. Need to report an issue regarding your business? Your request reaches your community administrators’ system within seconds.

Role Members Image

Your gateway to strong neighborhoods.

Get your community’s portal set up on Ginkgo and be among the leading downtown organizations moving their communities forward together online.

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Discover the communities moving their engagement online.
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Your edge in a misaligned world.
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