Powering successful downtowns.

We understand how much work it takes to build, manage and maintain a successful neighborhood. That’s why we built an entire productivity platform specifically for that job.

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Take equitable & resilient neighborhood building into your own hands.

Ginkgo - All your data in one

all your data in one

One platform for managing your neighborhood’s real estate, operations and community.
Ginkgo - Get a Birds eye view

get a bird's eye view

Geofence your area on our map for refined statistics and data results.
Ginkgo - launch your portal

launch your portal

Elevate your engagement with membership plans, shared maps and directories.
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Neighborhood building done right.

Ginkgo - Icon Clear Impact

clear impact

Watch your hard work transform into tangible results and metrics. Ginkgo takes care of the data, so you can take care of the work your community needs you for.
Ginkgo - Icon Dependable Partner

dependable partner

Always there for you, with every step towards your neighborhood’s success. We make sure every person on your team is supported and well-equipped. No struggles, no surprises.
Ginkgo - Share your local Insight

share your local insight

Turn your community’s knowledge into clear insight. Ginkgo equips you with easy to design and shareable maps to position your local knowledge for greater impact.
Ginkgo - Flexible tools for any community

flexible tools for any community

Designed by urban strategists and built for urban leaders. In the spirit of accessibility, we’ve created Ginkgo to give every community a technical edge in any situation.

How Ginkgo helps

Community Managers

Community Members

We help you become the clearest voice for your community over 3rd party data sources and big tech companies.

Ginkgo - Icon Accessible all in one place

accessible all in one place

Take the right step toward organizing your community’s services in the cloud.
Ginkgo - Icon Drive your impact

drive your impact from the ground up

We help you reach your potential as the source for verified ground-truthed information about the neighborhood.
Ginkgo - Icon Visualize

visualize and share it on a real-time map

We eliminated that extra step you had to take to map your data in GIS platforms, so you can focus on big picture stuff.

We made access to people and information in your community effortless. Join communities you are a member of or interested in becoming a part of.

make impactful connections

Work with your community through a directory of the people who have your passion for the neighborhood.

post your free business or event page

We automated every workflow. One click on your end updates your listing on your community’s website.

the inside scoop on THE real estate market

Access exclusive maps and data sources only available to members of the community

Integrated workflows for every role on your team.

Your records on Ginkgo automatically sets up key relationships between different datasets, so you’ll never have to face disorganized chaos again. Take this example of updating a business record in your community. Each record associated with it gets automatically updated as well.

Community Manager Gif

A direct line to your community.

Each neighborhood is equipped with its very own portal for membership management, sharing maps & data, and accessing key players in the community. Need to report an issue regarding your business? Your request reaches your community administrators’ system within seconds.

Role Members Image

Here’s what they say about us

"Ginkgo has been instrumental in enhancing our ability to manage and comprehend critical information about Long Island City. The platform allows us to keep track of local development data comprehensively. With this support, we and our stakeholders can make informed decisions that contribute to long-term growth and enhance community resilience."

Charles Yu

Vice President, Long Island City Partnership

Your gateway to strong neighborhoods.

Get your community’s portal set up on Ginkgo and be among the leading downtown organizations moving their communities forward together online.

Gateway Members Gif
Discover the communities moving their engagement online.

Comprehensively organized so your team can easily adopt Ginkgo into their workflows.

Real estate workflow

Spend less time searching and put all real estate information in one place to analyze on a map.
Ginkgo - Properties


Ginkgo - Buildings


Ginkgo - Units


Ginkgo - Real Estate

real estate listings

Ginkgo - Development


Operations workflow

Measure the impact your organization has on the neighborhood’s public spaces, block to block.
Ginkgo - Assets


Ginkgo - Issues


Community workflow

Discover relationships and elevate engagement between businesses, contacts, and organizations.
Ginkgo - Businesses


Ginkgo - Events


Ginkgo - Contacts


Ginkgo - Organizations


Making sure your records are up-to-date and accurate has never been easier.

Every record you put into Ginkgo generates its unique webpage and QR Code for easy access. Whether you are checking the accuracy of a property record, or scanning a business’s QR code for sanitization updates, we’ve got you covered.

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Your edge in a misaligned world.
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