Citiesense is now Ginkgo

Leading with collaboration and knowledge for community resilience.

By Starling Childs

While discovering key aspects of our rebranded personality and values, we found a major disconnect in keeping Citiesense as our name that represents what we stand for and how we do things. We wanted a name that spoke to the unfaltering efforts, the tenacious spirit and the strong grounded mission of our founders; a mission to enable more resilient urban growth for cities rooted in community-level values and equitable opportunities.

With resiliency and fortitude in mind, the Ginkgo biloba surfaced as a beloved street tree that expressed our values and traits elegantly. It encompasses wisdom, vitality, grit, and perseverance, not to mention its common presence on our city streets. Ginkgo also fittingly refers to the acronym “Engine for Knowledge, Gathering & Organizing”, the foundational benefit of our product.

Focusing on the building blocks of resilient neighborhoods.

We built Ginkgo as the foundational step towards building and improving any neighborhood in our cities and towns. Our logo and visual system stems directly from this concept to establish our product as the fundamental and essential pieces that make up more complex structures. These primary shapes were geometrically stacked to construct our logo mark.

To further represent our belief that information is better contextualized on a map, our logo mark blends the familiar map pin with the G of Ginkgo. The making of this G logo mark was applied to the rest of the letters in Ginkgo, its form consisting of only rectangles, triangles and parts of a circle.

Orange stands for mixed-use communities.

As an homage to city planners, we used orange to symbolize our support for mixed-used communities.

We look forward to building a resilient urban future with you.

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