Signs Collect Feedback From Event Visitors

The Meatpacking District uses interactive signage with QR codes to gauge public feedback.

By Starling Childs

The Meatpacking District recently launched a weekend long exhibit called Future Streets on a block long section of Little West 12th Street. “Future Streets is a three-day installation on Little West 12th Street reimagining the street as pedestrian oriented public space. Expanding on the City’s “Open Streets: Restaurants” program, “Future Streets” is executed in partnership with the American Institute of Architecture (AIA-NY), the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA-NY) and the American Planning Association (APA-NYM), with the goal of demonstrating how the Meatpacking District’s streets can be reimagined to increase public space, promote a range of responsibly distanced community activities, and respond to the heightened demand for open street space from the community and local businesses.”

The exhibit was a big success. Part of the reason we know this is because the Meatpacking District used Ginkgo to quickly deploy temporary QR Code signage.

Streetscape Asset inventories help place management organizations like the Meatpacking Improvement Association keep track of all community assets, activities and conditions in the public realm. QR Code signs, whether temporary or more permanent fixtures, can be managed alongside all other assets in the inventory.

The signs were taped up around the street on parking meters enabling visitors to scan a code and share their feedback through an online survey.

Ginkgo-generated QR Code signs were easily printed and taped up around the street to gather feedback from exhibit visitors throughout the weekend.

By the end of the weekend, the signs had been scanned over 100 times leading to a number of great responses to the survey. For the Meatpacking District the results are in, and people want greener more pedestrian oriented streetscapes — at least for this stretch of Little West 12th Street anyway.

QR code stands for “Quick Response code”. Ginkgo’s data management framework automatically generates a unique code for every record managed in a community’s account. This unique approach to data management and mapping technology elevates the accessibility of information and combines it with an out of the box analytics platform to run campaigns like the one the Meatpacking District launched for the Future Streets event.

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